The Academy of Clinical Specialists (ACS) was created to highlight practitioners with specialty areas of clinical or specialized practice. Within the ACS is the ability for specialists to form Councils. A Council is a group of practitioners from any particular clinical area (oncology, cardiology, infectious diseases, women’s health, endocrinology, industry, etc.) that wants to network, educate and advocate! 

 Currently the ACS has 2 approved Councils (scroll down to learn more):

- The Council of Psychiatric Pharmacists

- The Council of Pediatric Pharmacists

Let us know if you would like to form a new Council ([email protected])!    

Council of Psychiatric Pharmacists

You do not need to seek out the statistics to know that behavioral health, both locally and nationally, is a growing concern. Mental health is finally starting to get more attention, but with the incessant stigma and poor access to care, there is still much more work to be done! With the growing shortage of psychiatrists and reduced access to mental health care, psychiatric pharmacists are here to bridge the gap. Lobbying our roles as healthcare team members and fighting for life saving legislation can evolve the profession and give a voice to the families and those suffering from mental illnesses.   

Membership to the Academy is open to any pharmacist, pharmacy student or pharmacy technician that wants to shout from the rooftops about mental health. Anyone who considers themselves an advocate for consumers, someone who wants to learn about the growing field of treatment in this arena, and wants to continue to destroy the stigma of mental health are perfect for this Academy!

 The benefits of joining the Council of Psychiatric Pharmacists include:

  • Be the first to know about our annual Psychiatric Symposium held at the University of Colorado.
  • Networking and collaborating with other psychiatric pharmacists across the state of Colorado.
  • Electing one member of the Academy to serve on the board of directors of CPS, being the liaison leadership voice for the group.
  • Getting all the benefits of a CPS membership using the added bonus of connecting with fellow colleagues in your area of interest, without any increased cost!


Council Chair: Marilyn Siayap
Secretary/Treasurer: Larry Martinez
Academy Board of Directors Representative: Marilyn Siayap
Legislative Committee Liaison: Jordan Reese

Please contact Marilyn Siayap with any questions. ([email protected])


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Council of Pediatric Pharmacists