CPS Awards & Recognition Recipients

Champion of Pharmacy Lifetime Achievement Award

2022 Gina D. Moore
2017 Ralph Altiere and Rodney Carter

Pharmacist of the Year Award

Presented annually to a pharmacist who has demonstrated dedication to the profession of pharmacy, furthered the profession of pharmacy through community service and embodied those qualities of attitude and leadership which exemplify the profession.

Past Recipients:

2022 Michael Hinnenkamp
2021 Tara Vlasimsky
2020 Sunny Linnebur
2019 Sarah Anderson
2018 Joel Marrs 
2017 Emily Zadvorny
2016 Rebecca Moote
2015 Kristi Mihok
2014 Laura Borgelt
2013 Jeannine Dickerhofe
2008 Mary Newell
2007 Carole Shelton
2006 Geoffrey Lawton
2005 Paul Limberis
2004 Grant Bray
2003 Norman Kwong
2002 Sue Downard
2001 Larry Clark

Student Pharmacist of the Year Award

Presented annually to a student who has shown dedication to advancing the profession of pharmacy, especially as it is practiced in Colorado.

Past Recipients:

2022 Christina Bartholomew
2021 Ashley Franco
2020 Kelli Rourke
2019 Jackson Friesth
2018 Julia Cahill
2017 Kyle Troska
2016 Paul Cornelison

Pharmacy Technician of the Year Award

Recognizes an outstanding pharmacy technician who has shown dedication to advancing the profession of pharmacy in Colorado.

Past Recipients:

2022 Alice Casey-Erickson
2021 Jack Link
2020 Annelise Navant
2019 Emina Mednolucanin
2018 Angela Fullerton
2017 Nicole Wallace

Bowl of Hygeia Community Service Award

Sponsored by the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations (NASPA), and the APhA Foundation

Given annually to an association member who has made considerable contributions to their communities.

Past Recipients:

2022 Joseph Saseen
2021 Nancy Stolpman
2020 Debra Deveraux 
2019 Tom Branigan 
2018 Catherine Jarvis
2016 Randy Knutsen
2015 not given
2014 Wendy Anderson
2013 Ronald Kennedy
2012 Jeannine Dickerhofe
2011 Paul Limberis
2010 Tim Mead
2009 Dennis Helling
2008 Larry Clark
2007 Thomas Stock
2006 Gerald Young
2005 Richard Doyle
2004 Tad Anderson
2003 Tom Arthur
2002 Stan Grigg
2001 Gary Buss
2000 Ben Finch
1999 Harold Bober

Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award

Sponsored by Pharmacists Mutual

Presented annually to a pharmacist who has graduated in the past nine years and has demonstrated excellence in professional, community and association service.

Past Recipients:

2022 Alvin Oung
2021 Sara Wettergreen
2020 Kelsey McNeil
2019 Morgan Payne
2018 Jeremy Vandiver 
2017 Lucas Smith
2016 Kim Swanson Ward
2015 Jessica Angleson
2014 Jodie Malhotra
2013 Sarah Anderson
2011 Tara Vlasimsky
2009 Nancy Gallegos
2008 Erin Hendrick
2007 Andrew Bjork
2006 Tisha Silva
2005 Joel Giles
2004 Jeremiah Stellish
2003 Robert Serravo
2002 Shari Bohn
2001 Andrew Davis
2000 Janice Conner
1999 Tony Jones
1998 Susan Downard
1997 G. C. Lawton
1996 Diane Lumpkin
1995 David Lorenzo
1994 Jag Khatter
1993 Brian Myers

1992 Paul Carpino
1991 Tad & Heidi Anderson
1990 Laura Moore
1989 Dave Archuleta
1988 Sue Ellen Gary
1987 Bradley Haas

NASPA Excellence in Innovation Award

Sponsored by Upsher-Smith

Presented annually in recognition of a pharmacist who has demonstrated significant innovation in their professional practice.

Past Recipients:

2022 Melissa Rodgers
2021 Michelle Izor
2020 Rachael Duncan
2019 Vickilee Einhellig
2018 Amber Cizmic
2017 Paul Shaw
2016 Meghan Jeffres
2015 Amy Stump
2014 Kevin Kaucher

Friends of Pharmacy Honorees:

Presented in recognition of a legislative champion who promotes, develops and advances the profession of pharmacy. Representatives and their guest should also be provided a complimentary registration for the Awards Dinner if they are able to attend in person.

2022 Senator Sonya Jaquez Lewis and Perry Will
2021 Representative Susan Lontine and Perry Will; Senators Joann Ginal and Barbara Kirkmeyer
2021 Senator Joann Ginal
2021 Senator Barb Kirkmeyer
2020 Representatives Sonya Jaquez Lewis and Kyle Mullica and Senator Faith Winter
2019 Representatives Dominque Jackson and Dylan Roberts and Senator Jack Tate
2018 Representative Jon Becker and Representative Daneya Esgar

 NCPA Leadership Award

2022 Leticia Smith
2021 Robert Willis

McKesson Leadership Award

2022 Leticia Smith
2021 Robert Willis

CPS Guardian Angel Award

Presented in recognition and admiration of her endless support of CPS and its volunteers.

2018 Rebecca P. Snead - National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations (NASPA)


ARCHIVES: See the 2020 Awards Ceremony and  Installation of Officers / Incoming President Remarks