Legislative Updates

Colorado 2019 Legislative Session Tracking

CPS is following a number of issues this legislative cycle. Because bills change almost on a daily basis, we work with our lobbyist team from Michael Best Strategies to monitor bills and amendments.  The CPS Legislative Committee, in conjunction with the CPS Board of Directors, recommends the position CPS should take on various bills.

View the status of various bills CPS is following


CPS Members: You can find weekly legislative and advocacy updates in the Community Forum's. To access these updates, visit the Member Center, select Community Forum, and look for the Legislative Updates section. 

Opioid Legislation

The Colorado Legislature convened an interim committee on opioid abuse during the summer and fall of 2017.  CPS actively participated in interim committee meetings and hearing.  CPS members were surveyed on their opinions on various opioid-related issues impacting the practice of pharmacy.  If you are a member and wish to view survey results, click here.