Board of Directors

The Colorado Pharmacists Society Officers and Board Directors are elected by the active members of the society. The chairpersons of the six academies represent their respective academies.

2019 - 2020 Officers and Board of Directors

 Gina Moore, President

  Michelle Anderson, Immediate Past President

 Jennifer Biltoft, President Elect

Tisha Smith, Treasurer

 Michele Claiborne, Secretary and Member-At-Large





 Emily Zadvorny, Executive Director




 Academy Representatives:




Maxie Friemel, Rep. Academy of Health System Pharmacists





Ashley Franco, Rep. Academy of Student Pharmacists






Paul Cornelison, Rep. Academy New Practitioners







 Robert Willis, Member-At-Large




Christine Feltman, Member-At-Large






 Mike Pursel, Member-At-Large






Margie Hamm, Member-At-Large: Technician








Lisa Nguyen, Member-At-Large






 Katie Wolf, CPS Lobbyist