Membership Committee


Responsible for retaining membership and growing the organization. Please contact [email protected] for more information. 

Chair: Mike Pursel

Members: Jessica Angleson, Jennifer Biltoff, Paul Cornelison, Doan Do, Dori Duncan, Christine Feltman, Joel Marrs (Vice Chair), Sondra May, Lisa Nguyen, Whitney Osborn, Jordan Reese, Matt Rodriguez, Tish Smith, Avani Soni, Robert Willis, Emily Zadvorny

2021-2022 Priorities

  1. Develop membership recruitment strategies
    1. Create CPS “brand” awareness
    2. Gain 10% increase in total membership
    3. Create awareness of CPS as a valued partner and resource
  2. Develop membership engagement strategies
    1. Create networking opportunities
    2. Create CPS representation opportunities
  3. Develop membership retention strategies
    1. Target graced and lapsed membership
    2. Enhance engagement with Corporate Partners