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 Colorado Provider Status and Payment for Services

CPS has a top priority to advocate for pharmacists’ payment of non-dispensing services and the ability to be reimbursed via all payment models for the healthcare and pharmacist care services they provide, like other healthcare providers.

This page will serve to house information and resources regarding the main healthcare payers in Colorado, which include Medicaid, Medicare and Private/Commercial payers and considerations for cash-based payment models. For information about federal provider status, see the bottom of this page.

For a more complete review of the expanded scope of practice that CPS helped pass in 2021, please see our related webpage: CO Advanced/Expanded Scope of Practice.

CPS has also formed a Colorado Pharmacist Professional Taskforce consisting of over 35 pharmacy and healthcare entities. The purpose of this taskforce is to form a network for sharing provider status experience, challenges, successes and needs. If you are interested in joining this taskforce, please email your interest to [email protected] or to our CPS Pharmacy Practice Advancement Lead, Jessica Angleson, PharmD, MBA, BCPS at [email protected]

As always we are always open to your needs and feedback on provider status in CO. Specifically, CPS would like to know about barriers/rejections/problems so can continue to advocate and address these issues. Contact us at [email protected]